Turning customer data into increased sales and higher customer satisfaction using Artificial Intelligence technology

We recognize that customer trust is a retailer’s most valuable asset

We turn customer data into incremental revenue and higher customer satisfaction using state of the art Artificial Intelligence technology.

While doing so, we recognize that customer trust is a retailer’s most valuable asset. We will not put that trust on the line. When working with you, privacy and regulatory compliance are our top priorities, and we take this responsibility very seriously. Our solutions deliver unprecedented results while remaining non-intrusive and fully compliant.

Non-intrusive, fully GDPR compliant


We DO NOT track mobile phones


We DO NOT use in-store cameras


We DO NOT capture or store any personal data


We DO NOT require data from your loyalty program or app


Our technology is built with security in mind

Transparency and full compliance
We will work with your data protection officer (DPO) to ensure transparency and full compliance with your data governance policies.

Data protection impact assessment
We will work with you in conducting data protection impact assessment (DPIA) according to article 35 in the general data protection regulation (GDPR).

No device or hardware data is collected (e.g. MAC address, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth signal)

No cameras or any other type of in-store surveillance hardware is used

No cardholder data is captured

No personal information is captured or stored by our system

Encrypted data transmission
Data is sent to data centers using secure sockets layer (SSL) encryption.

Secure data storage
Information is stored in highly secure data centers.

Limited employee access
We use technical and policy controls to prohibit unauthorized access.

Privacy and data security validation
Review validation of privacy and assessment of security conducted regularly.